Save Money Selling Your Home at No Cost to You!


For me it was excellent. I got a discount on the commission, I got hooked up with an excellent real estate agent and I was able to sell my house in about a week for almost the asking price.

Home seller Matt B.
Reported in The Detriot News

The experience was perfect. I had tried to sell my home myself as a FSBO. Then, I registered online, where I got 12 bids. Instead of paying 7% commission, I paid just 3.9% and saved $6,400... By the way, the agent sold it within a week for full price.

Dan K.,
on FOX 2 News
St.Louis, MO

I love It is about time that the home selling public has a choice in the commission they will pay for a full service listing.

Laurie C.
Realty Executives
Kansas City, MO

We spoke to a couple of regular agents who said they would list for 6.5% and 7%. Then, we went to Within 24 hours we had eight replies from their Realtors... A local HungryAgents Realtor listed it for 5%... We saved a lot of money.

Mellissa C.
Interviewed by Sandra Parrish
WSB Radio, Atlanta

I just sold my home through a Realtor. We had a great experience and loved our Realtor. She sold our home in ten days for $6,000 more than asking price.

Natalie R. of Salt Lake City, Utah

Got full service for only 4% and sold it in just three weeks. The Realtor was effective and professional.

Tom F. Home Seller
Ft. Worth, Texas

In the first month, I listed five properties and put two of them under contract almost immediately.

Tony W.
RE/MAX Chicage, IL

There was no way I was going to pay 7% for an agent to sell my house... I saved nearly $10,000 in commissions.

Tony M. Home Seller
Chicage, IL
PBS Nightly Business Report