Save Money Selling Your Home at No Cost to You!


“Home seller Matt B. switched the tables on incentives, with the help of a recently launched Web service. …on, a web service where real estate agents 'bid' for sellers' business with their commisions.”

Dorothy Bourdet,
The Detriot News

“Sellers can register their properties online and invite realtors to bid for the right to represent them.”

Reported by Les Christie,

“After registering their home with, based in St.Louis, sellers wait for real estate agents in their area to bid.”

Hillary Wicai,
Morning Edition International Marketplace

“Mack used a new internet site called to find a local agent to sell his home for a 3.5% commission, saving Mack about $10,000.”

Diane Eastabrook,
PBS Nightly Business Report
“An area internet startup hopes to pit real estate agents against each other in bidding wars for the lowest commission they will accept to sell a house.”

Shera Dalin,
St.Louis Post-Dispatch

“A seller lists the house and agents bid at the rate of commission they're willing to take. Sellers have a basic profession biography of each agent, but no name. The winning agent learns the seller's identity only if contacted by the seller.”

Adolfo Pesquera,
Express-News Business Writer

“Home sellers who list their house with don't generally pay the 6.5 percent commission that is typical fare...”

Joe Light,
Florida Times-Union

“A new site,, encourages brokers to bid aggressively for your business.”

Jane Bryant Quinn,

“Realtors using compete for clients based on home much they are willing to reduce their commissions.”

Glenn Roberts, Jr.,
Inman News